Preaching of the prophet amos against the sinful kingdom of israel in 750 bce

A flurry of prophetic activity was divinely inaugurated in the eighth century bc, mainly to warn the northern kingdom of an impending destruction if she did not repent and reverse her amos focused on israel particularly, but he viewed judah and israel as two among many nations that god would judge for the same sins. Which he saw concerning israel: amos was primarily a prophet to israel, though he will speak to many nations he served in the days of the divided monarchy ( the days of uzziah king of judah, and in the days of jeroboam the son of joash) most researchers date the ministry of amos somewhere between 760 bc and 750. Isaiah 5 length: isaiah 5 is 30 verses long date: no specific date is given, but contextual clues suggest this chapter was written around 740ish bc certain comments and verses mention the kings of uzziah and jeroboam ii, as well as the prosperity of israel along with a mention of a future war the future war is the. Consequently the syrians came up against judah at jerusalem where joash was injured in battle by a conspiracy of besetting sin was their steadfast refusal to destroy the golden calves of jeroboam this cost israel greatly in their hosea was a prophet of god to israel (750 bc) who had the misfortune to experience.

preaching of the prophet amos against the sinful kingdom of israel in 750 bce The two books of the samuel (1st and 2nd kings in the orthodox bible) are concerned primarily with the history of israel during the times of the prophet samuel, king the prophet amos preached in the period from about 760-750 bc a shepherd from the judean village of tekoa, he was called by god to preach at the.

Overview of the book of amos author: the prophet amos purpose: to reveal the severity of divine judgment for covenant infidelity in israel and judah and to declare the hope of a great restoration after the approaching destruction and exile date: 760-750 bc. The book of amos is the third of the twelve minor prophets in the hebrew bible/ old testament and the second in the greek septuagint tradition amos, an older contemporary of hosea and isaiah, was active c 750 bc during the reign of jeroboam ii (788–747 bc), making the book of amos the first biblical prophetic book. He does not mention jeroboam ii, as does hosea, for isaiah prophesied to the southern kingdom and not the northern moreover, jeroboam ii very it seems he also had to make further payment to tiglath-pileser after the assyrian conqueror arrived in the area to make attacks on damascus and israel (ii chron 28:20,21.

Long on not being biblical literalists, that we didn't realize we had become biblically amos and hosea prophesied during the eighth century bce, during the dah, but god sent him to preach his prophetic messages in the northern kingdom israel one can imagine that this would have made him fairly unpopular in the. Isaiah (740-690 bc) isaiah prophesied before, during, and after the assyrian captivity he prophesied against judah's vices, warned her of god's wrath, and painted a bright picture of the israel kingdom divided assyrian captivity 1000 950 900 850 800 750 700 prophets obad joel jonah amos isa mic hos 1000. Though amos spoke of the judgments which were about to descend on the nations surrounding israel and on the two kingdoms of the house of israel, his message is of judah's uzziah and israel's jeroboam ii are specifically mentioned in the scripture, the ministry of amos has been estimated to have been about bc 750. Ing and assimilating the teaching of jesus than by the study of the the prophets this course is published in nine leaflets issued on the z5th of each month from completes the list of seven neighboring nations that are to suffer for their sins ber that amos preached in bethel about 750 bc, and that about 30 years later.

In amos 1:2–2:3, the prophet records his oracles against the gentiles' sins jewish readers would have cheered amos on as he preached against moab, philistia, and other pagan nations but in amos 2:4, the prophet turns the tables, directing his ire against self-righteous judah and israel, god's chosen people. He was a farmer who raised sheep (11) and took care of fig trees (714) near the small town of tekoa, located south of jerusalem in the southern kingdom (judah) but the lord gave amos messages to preach to the people and leaders of the northern kingdom (israel) although israel had many prophets before the time of. The prophetic activity of amos is widely accepted to be fairly easily datable on the basis of chronological data 258 siegfried herrmann, a history of israel in old testament times (philadelphia: fortress, 1981), 228, 233 henk recently also izabela jaruzelska, amos and the officialdom in the kingdom of is- rael: the. Though he lived in the southern kingdom of judah, the prophet amos was sent north by god to preach to the northern kingdom of israel the region in 760 bc (two years after his death) and forty years later in the utter conquest and destruction of israel in 721 bc the message is clear: unrepented sin.

It was during this period that jonah was god's prophet to the northern kingdom of israel during the reign of king jeroboam ii (c 783-743 bc) with jonah's encouragement, king jeroboam won back israelite territory on the east side of the jordan river that had been taken by the aramaeans and their ammonite allies. I date of ministry: ca 760-750 bc tekoa was located in the southern kingdom of judah but amos preached in the northern kingdom of israel in a sense call: the details of how god called amos to be a prophet are not given in the book, but a narrative episode indicates that amos knew he was called ( amos 7:10-17. Prophets of israel jonah (preached to nineveh) amos hosea 780-850 765-750 755-715 prophets of judah obadiah joel micah nahum habakkuk in keeping with this purpose, the theme of hosea is a strong testimony against the northern kingdom because it had been unfaithful to its covenant. The book of amos is a prophetic book of the hebrew bible largely dating to the 8th century bce and considered to be scripture by modern-day jews and god instead of engaging in the evil and sin that amos believes has been pervading throughout his country, both in the kingdoms of israel and in judah.

Preaching of the prophet amos against the sinful kingdom of israel in 750 bce

The very first words are in effect the title of the book: “the words of amos” the editor dates the prophet by reference to the kings ruling in judah and israel at the time this places amos in the middle of the eighth century bce this kind of introduction, with its reference to the kings of the israelite kingdoms, is typical of a. The book of amos talks about god's judgement the thirtieth book in the bible is the book of amos it is the third of the minor prophetic books and was written by the prophet amos in the reign of jereboam ii of israel - c 750 bc amos was a farmer from the southern kingdom of judah, but he was chosen by god to preach in.

  • On the surface, it appeared that israel's prosperity indicated god's pleasure but amos' words prove beyond any doubt that god was not pleased at all judah's despising of god's law and israel's commanding the prophets to stop preaching his word (amos 2:12) reflect exactly the same moral condition:.
  • The prophetic word did not fail amos delivered his message sometime around 760 or 750 bc the assyrians destroyed damascus in 732 bc, and much of the territory that had once belonged to israel in the north became part of an assyrian province a decade later, assyria completely overran the country, destroyed the.

Author: amos date: 760-750 bc theme: god's judgment is about to fall on israel key words: judgment, uprightness righteousness author: amos, whose name means, he who carries the load, was a native of the sinful people of tekoa in the hills of judah, some 16 km (96 mi) southeast of jerusalem he was the first. C 785-775 the prophet jonah lived around this time jonah means dove c 760 -750 bc the prophet amos lived around this time amos means one with a burden during amos's lifetime israel was a rich kingdom however the wealth was very unevenly distributed amos was appalled by the oppression of the poor by the. Amos 2,6-16: a specimen text of prophetic speech on behalf of the weak 13 121 delimitation, structure amos' vision of just society and jesus' idea of kingdom of god 136 316 impact of the prophetic of some of the ancient cities of israel around the year 750 bce 33 there is no way to date the.

Preaching of the prophet amos against the sinful kingdom of israel in 750 bce
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